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    Everyone can write, so what’s the point of hiring a copywriter, right? Yes and no. Anyone can throw a few words together, but nothing lets your business down like sloppy copy and believe me, it’s easy to spot. Don’t let long, rambling sentences bog your customers down. Bad writing can turn them off before you’ve even got to the good bits about all your great services and business benefits.

    Here are some top tips to keep your marketing copy sharp and engaging for your readers:

    1. Start with a KISS (Keep It Short and Simple). Short sentences are easier to read. Don’t use fancy words, when a simple one will do. Think, ‘the cat sat on the mat’ rather than ‘the feline reclined upon the tapestry’. Long words don’t impress, they just obfuscate your message.
    2. State benefits not features. Your customers want to know why your product or service is the best choice for them. A Dyson’s cyclone technology and ABS plastic construction are features. The benefits are that it doesn’t lose suction, there’s no bag to change and it’s tough and light. What are your customer benenfits?
    3. Speak to your audience. Think about your target market and who they are. Tailor your language and write as if you were talking to them face to face. Identify your customers. Are they middle class mums, students and teenagers or CEOs? Once you know that you can write accordingly.
    4. Write in the present tense. This gives your writing energy and makes it feels like news. It’s all about keeping your customers reading.
    5. Use positive language. Use words that bring positive associations to your customers. A dentist could say ‘visit us to fix your crooked teeth’, but ‘invest in your smile’ is a much more positive way to sell that service. Give your  customers a good feeling when they read your brochure or website.
    6. Have a call to action. You want your customers to pick up the phone or click buy. So make sure you tell them to do just that. Once your customers are feeling all warm and positive, as laid out in tip number five,  it’s time to hit them with a call to action. This is where you ask them to ‘call today for your fee quote’ or tell them ‘last chance to book’. The call to action is vital to achieve your goals and boost your bottom line. If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

    Of course, if this all sounds like a lot to remember, you can always call Chella Ramanan Copywriting on 01823 284 535 and I will write your copy for you. It will save you time, you won’t have to read anymore copywriting tips and I really am worth it.



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